Columbia Machine is a market leader of floor & high-level palletizers and Load Transfer Systems. Production rates from 5 to over 150 upm can be handled efficiently. LTS systems have found a niche in the current push to improve GMP by removing wood pallets from production areas as well as in warehouse or DC’s in order to retain in-house pallets or provide the same product onto multiple outbound pallet types.


Since 1972, Elmar Industries has become the largest manufacturer of filling machines in the world for the food, beverage, personal care, paint industries. Robust solutions for your application are available from either rotary piston, particulate or vacuum syruper filling technologies - stand-alone or monoblock fill/close systems. Fill rates from 15 to 1,600 cpm depending upon fill volume with fill ranges from 15ml to 20L. The best designed, made and supported filler in the business.


Columbia Okura is North America’s leading supplier of fully integrated robotic palletizing solutions. Jointly owned by Columbia Machine and Okura Yusoki, they seamlessly put decades of robotic palletizer manufacturing experience with over a century of combined material handling experience into each solution that is produced. Columbia Okura manufactures and integrates Okura robots in North America.


Ferrum is a Swiss based global innovator and supplier of high quality sanitary can closing machinery since 1917. With speed capabilities from 50-2,500 cpm, they are well positioned to handle canning rates found in food and beverage worldwide. For atmospheric, steam vacuum or under cover gassing round can applications.  Vacuum closers are also available for sweet corn, powdered milk and coffee.


Frazier & Son has been developing their extensive line of quality bucket elevators and conveyors. With several configurations to choose from including single or multi point discharges, gentle product handling is ensured at rates from 90-990 cu ft/hour. Full conveyor line integration is also available. Serving the food, confection, cereal, tea, spice, pasta, nut, kit assembly and industrial products since the 1950’s.


American Packaging Machinery has designed and manufactured high quality value-added film bundling solutions to the North American marketplace since 1992. They guarantee productivity improvements, enhance line efficiency and provide innovative low cost solutions. Their focus on product material handling maximizes line rates and performance repeatability. Their packaging systems are designed to meet a variety of applications in the food, ice cream and dairy, industrial, aerosol, personal care and printing industries.


Since the early 1960’s, Solbern has been designing and manufacturing food processing equipment. Direct Fillers are used for free flowing solid products, such as vegetables, pickled products, mushrooms, spices and delicate products. Liquid Filling equipment add brine, broth or sauce to pre-filled containers or fill non-carbonated liquids. Specialized equipment for the pickle industry as well as automated folding equipment for burritos, egg rolls, taquitos, etc... are also a mainstay of this organization.


Since 2000, Trinamics has designed and built packaging machinery that has always been focused on value-added design with rapid and repeatable changeovers. Their established machine base includes cartoners, case packers, case erectors, sealers, sleevers and partition inserters. Their strength continues to be fully integrated packaging systems complete with product handling component conveyor. Their versatility has enabled ongoing success in food, beverage, pharmaceutical, household, personal care, automotive components and light industrial industries.