Key Technology equipment prepares raw foods for further processing. Expertise includes optical and laser sorter vision technology that removes defective product and foreign material, and vibratory conveyors that safely transport goods. All Key Technology products and services are designed to enhance quality, increase yield, and reduce cost. Core markets include fresh cut, fruits & berries, potato, nuts & seeds, snacks, poultry/meat, and processed vegetables.


Urschel Laboratories is the global leader in food cutting and size reduction technology. Urschel offers high capacity slicers, dicers, shredders, Comitrol® Processor milling equipment, and other food cutting machinery. Worldwide, Urschel develops solutions for processors in the industries of fruits and vegetables, dairy, meat and poultry, nutraceuticals, pharmaceuticals, chemical, and other related fields that require precision size reduction equipment.


Dutch Tec Source has developed auger/screw conveyor systems to such a degree that they can generally be used without any damage whatsoever to the food product. The main focus is technology for the potato, vegetable and mushroom processing industries. As a result of specializing in auger systems, DTS is the market leader in fields such as blanching, cooling and cooking processes for vegetables and potatoes in particular. 


Hughes Equipment Company builds machinery used for cooking, cleaning, conveying, peeling, cutting, cooling, filling, husking, metering and snipping. They will customize their equipment for unique applications. Hughes specializes in processing equipment for peas, green beans, corn, potatoes, carrots, pasta and rice.