Dan D'Amico

Technical Sales - Packaging Machinery

Dan‘s working career began after graduating from McMaster University with a B.Eng. in Mechanical Engineering in 1982. After 16 years of direct work experience in the food industry at the positions of Project Engineer, Plant Engineer and Production Manager, his sales career began with Chisholm Machinery in January 2000.

With his extensive hands-on equipment and project work, Dan approaches applications from the plant environment perspective and is very interested in providing value-added solutions with respect for system cost constraints. He has the ability to work with small or large organizations in multi-disciplinary environments (engineers, skilled trades, production workers, sales and marketing groups and plant management) with a focus on understanding current issues and constraints prior to working through potential solutions that will move your organization forward. If total solution implementation is not viable, a more phased in approach is usually considered so that current improvements will remain intact and be a building block for the next phase as funds or line time become available.

Dan works with many industries including food, beverage, personal care, bakery and pet care. Project and equipment capability ranges from the depalletizer to the palletizer and he frequently works with other select OEM partnerships to provide full solutions for the application at hand.

In his free time, he enjoys playing ice hockey, golf, bike riding and hikes, making noise/playing music, building things and spending time with family and friends.